A guest house in Yutakacho, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
(share room) only dormitory 【Esplanade】




A guest house of Tokyo(only dormitory)


              It is a very clean house.
             There are many train routes.
          Around here is convenient for shopping.

◆A deposit, a recompense, security are needless.
    【Identification card need(A driver's license, a passport.)】
◆A rent is one month 35,000 yen(A payment in advance system)
◆It takes it 10,000 yen deposit (guaranty money) at the time of a contract.
  (I give in particular money back at a withdrawal point in time when an accident / damage others are not special)
◆I give money back by a by the day calculation at the time of the cancellation of a contract. But a contract is one having you live more than one month. The cancellation of a contract with under one month cannot give money back.

【Dormitory charge】
Assigning rooms

A rent(A one month unit) One month 35,000 yen One month 35,000 yen
Deposit(It is given money back at cancellation of a contract time) It is 10,000 yen at the time of a contract It is 10,000 yen at the time of a contract
  Water service, gas, the expenses for lighting and fuel are included in the above, a monthly basis.
                     (But a shower, a laundry are coin types)

【Reservation / entering】
@ It is reserved a visit by a telephone or an email
A Please observe a room
B Receptionist card entry(Simple examination)
C I do communication of the entering right or wrong
D We shake a contract(Identification card need)
E Entering

         The empty room situation please click here !
           An inquiry, contract please
click here !

◇ A lot lives with guest house Tokyo Esplanade together, and there is a place to use jointly a lot. I follow a decided rule properly, and please live a life happily so that all of you can live comfortably.