Location figure 【Esplanade】



Tokyo guesthouse Monthly share a room. 【Esplanade】

 【Location figure】(6-10-4, Yutakacho, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)

 Map of Esplanade Togoshikouen
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◇There are four routes how very soon to a station     
The nearest nearest station is TogoshiKoen foot 3 minutes!
【From Esplanade】(To):
(Tokyu Oimachi Line)TogoshiKoen Station → foot 3 minutes.  Shimoshimmei station → foot 10 minutes

(Tokyu Ikegami line)Ebara Nakanobu Station → foot 8 minutes. Togoshi Ginza station → foot 13 minutes

(Toei Asakusa Line)Nakanobu Station → foot 5 minutes.  Togoshi Station → foot 11 minutes

(Yokosuka Line)Nishioi Station → foot 7 minutes

By train
【From:TogoshiKoen Staion】(To): Jiyugaoka Station about 10 minutes. Tokyo Station about 20 minutes.
                      Shibuya Station about 20 minutes.  Roppongi Station about 20 minutes.
【From:Nishioi Staion】(To): Yokohama Station about 16 minutes. Tokyo Station 14 minutes.
                  Akihabara Station about 17 minutes.
【JR Shonan Shinjuku line】(To): Shinjuku Station about 16 minutes.
【Nakanobu Station】(To): Roppongi about 18 minutes. Gotanda Station about 5 minutes.